These days there are lots of things we can do on the internet to make life a bit easier.

Whether it's ordering next week's food shopping or booking a train ticket, sometimes the internet can be quick and convenient to get things done. For some of life's bigger decisions the internet can also help us to start the journey, by helping us to gather information, think about our options, and talk to people about the way forward.

Take a legal problem for example. If you think you need to talk to a lawyer and get some advice the internet can be a great place to start. You can find contact details for law firms and also get some initial understanding of the situation you're in. However for people who aren't internet users these benefits can seem a million miles away.

The 13th to 19th October 2014 is National Get Online Week, and there are lots of free events across the country to help people find out the basics of using the internet and find courses to help them build their confidence.

So if you know someone that could use a helping hand with the online world - there is no time like the present!

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