Holidays are a big deal in Britain.

Millions of us travel abroad each year, and recent findings from travel association ABTA reveal an increase in the number of people planning to spend more on their holidays in 2015.

When preparing to head overseas most of us think about enjoying the sunshine, maybe relaxing on sandy beaches and generally having an amazing time.  However every year the experience for some British nationals is very different as they get caught out by local laws.

If you are preparing to travel abroad it is important to remember that different countries can have different legal frameworks, so finding out what these are could save you from unknowingly breaking the law, getting fined or even getting arrested.

It's also worth bearing in mind that support you could get in the UK may be unavailable or very expensive overseas.

Unexpected legal problems abroad could include being a victim of crime, being accused of committing a crime, or even being arrested.

In situations like that it's helpful to know what support is available. Some useful starting points include:

It can also be helpful to know how to find a lawyer working in England and Wales but who knows about another country's laws. There's more advice about this is our FAQs section.

Don't forget as well that you can find out about another country's laws and customs from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office - just take a look at their travel advice pages.

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