Weddings and Covid-19: Your consumer rights

With a few exceptions, weddings aren’t taking place at present in England and Wales because of Covid-19. This has left thousands of couples disappointed and, in some cases, out of pocket.

The Government is looking into allowing smaller weddings as the lockdown eases. But many don’t know if their 2020 wedding plans can go ahead.

One in ten divorcees feel the right help could have saved their marriage

Divorce enquiries at law firms traditionally surge on the first working Monday of the New Year—so much so that it has become known as Divorce Day.

More than 40 per cent of all marriages now end in divorce, reports the Office for National Statistics. And one in five married couples start thinking about separating during the post-Christmas period, according to research from leading law firm Irwin Mitchell.

But the stress of Christmas and the January blues isn't the only factor affecting the timing of divorces. Financial pressures figure increasingly in such decisions.

Thinking about getting divorced?

Three things to know if you're a parent

We all hope our relationships will last, but sometimes they don't.

Ending a relationship can be hard. And it will be harder if you have children.

Who will look after them? How much contact will you have with them?

When you get divorced

1. You can have contact with your child

As a parent, you can have contact with your child—as long as it's the best thing for them. Try to agree with your partner and child how much contact you have and when you spend time together.