Your guide to furlough

Help for employers during the coronavirus

Coronavirus is having a significant impact on businesses in the UK. Many have had to suddenly close or reduce their services.

For some, the pandemic has led to total closure. For others, it has led to a fall in demand.

To help, the government has put in place support to protect jobs, including the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

Through the furlough scheme, businesses can grant staff a leave of absence and reclaim up to 80% of their wages.

Why getting the right legal advice for your business can help it to flourish

Don’t think your small business would gain from legal advice? Think again.

Legal advice can help your company to flourish. From the first day your business opens to when it's ready to take on new markets, any business can use legal advice.

Here’s how a legal advisor can help your business to flourish.

Get on top of business tax

Grasping which types of business tax apply to your company can be tricky.

Some types of tax will apply to your business and some types won’t.