ID and money home-buying checks - why they are needed

When you buy or sell a property, the estate agents, property lawyers or mortgage brokers all seem to want the same info from you before they’ll take you on as a client. Why is that?

What they’re doing is checking that you are who you say you are. If you're selling, they're also checking that the property is legally yours to sell. And, if you're buying, they're checking that the money is coming from a legitimate source.


In the market for a flat? Leasehold or commonhold?

There are many terms to learn when you're buying a home for the first time. Freehold and leasehold, which describe how a property is owned, are two you'll see a lot. But there's a third and lesser known type of ownership: commonhold.

Commonhold is new. It's an alternative to leasehold, which is the most popular way to own a flat.


Making sure the price is right

For many of the decisions we make in our lives, be they big or small, we know in advance what it will cost. Whether booking a holiday or renewing our car insurance, prices are on display and we can keep an eye on them as make our decisions. So, by the time we get to pay, there aren’t too many surprises.

However, it’s not been that straightforward in other situations, such as getting help from a lawyer.

Legal costs

All law firms are regulated, aren’t they?

You’re not alone if you think all law firms are regulated.

Research shows most people think every legal services provider is regulated. Lawyers can help at life’s turning points – buying a home, getting a divorce, starting up a business. With our personal lives and finances at stake, we fully expect legal advice to be expert and properly regulated.

Legal regulators
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Gagging clauses: silence is not always golden

Confidentiality clauses (also known as non-disclosure agreements, or ‘gagging’ clauses) are often found in employment contracts for senior executives, or in other commercial contracts.

They are also common in settlement agreements that bring employment to an end if there has been a dispute between you and your employer. They are usually in place to protect legitimate business interests.

You might have heard concerns in the news that confidentiality clauses are being misused to cover up potential crimes such as harassment.

Non-disclosure agreements

Holiday sickness claims: Eight questions to ask your lawyer

Looking to make a holiday sickness claim? Think you might need legal help?

Holiday companies are cracking down on claims that are made dishonestly and you could go to prison if you make a claim that is not true. But, if you have a genuine claim, you might be wondering how to find a solicitor with the right skills to help you.

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Speaking up about sexual harassment – Three things you should know

Sometimes speaking up is pretty straightforward. If you've ever challenged a queue-jumper in a shop or complained about bad food in a restaurant, you'll know that it felt good to get your point of view across. But some things, like sexual harassment, are much harder to speak up about. These situations can be upsetting – and getting help can be confusing. Here are three top tips if you think you might have a problem:

Sexual Harrassment