More lawyers, more choices

More choice of lawyers...

There's been a change in the way that Chartered Legal Executives can provide legal services that offers more choice to people needing help with a legal problem.

The law says that some types of legal work can only be dealt with by people who have special permission to carry out the work. This is known as "reserved" legal work. 

What are you having for tea tonight?

Whether you've got a three-course banquet planned, fish and chips, or just a couple of lettuce leaves - any food you eat tonight comes from a regulated industry. 

This means that regulators are working behind the scenes to make sure the businesses that make and supply your food are doing the right thing - and not putting you unfairly at risk.

Did you use your bank card today to pay for something? That's a financial service that is regulated.

Did you go past a chemist shop? That's regulated.

A bookmakers?  Regulated.