ID and money home-buying checks - why they are needed

When you buy or sell a property, the estate agents, property lawyers or mortgage brokers all seem to want the same info from you before they’ll take you on as a client. Why is that?

What they’re doing is checking that you are who you say you are. If you're selling, they're also checking that the property is legally yours to sell. And, if you're buying, they're checking that the money is coming from a legitimate source.

Stepping on to the property ladder

Moving house is one of the most stressful things we ever do in life.

When moving house there are legal tasks to take care of. Nearly two out of three people put moving house at the top of their stress list, recent research by energy company E.On shows.

And it's not just the prospect of broken crockery or re-directing your post. The legal side of moving (known as conveyancing) can be just as stressful. 

With any house move, there are important legal tasks to complete:

How you are protected if you use a Licensed Conveyancer

Safety nets are a good thing.

Just ask any circus acrobat, or a dare-devil walking a tightrope. 

However safety nets can also crop up in every day life through laws and regulations that aim to keep us protected if something goes wrong.

In the legal world one of the ways that people can be protected when they use a legal service are through compensation funds managed by legal regulators.

Legal help for moving house

Springtime definitely has a few ways of letting us know when it's arrived.

For some of us it might be the flowers popping up out of the ground or the trees being full of blossom and new leaves.

For others it might be smelling your neighbour's first barbecue of the year. Or maybe seeing all the joggers hitting the streets trying to get fit...

Whatever signs you look for, spring is also the season when many of us begin moving forwards with things coming up in our lives in the year ahead.