The truth about holiday sickness claims

Holiday sickness is in the news again, with more than 9 million Brits having been chased by claims management companies to make holiday sickness claims, ABTA reports. 

Most holiday sickness claims are for around £2,000. But before you make a claim, get the facts. 

1: Don't make a fake claim

Many holiday makers who make false claims say they got food poisoning at their hotel or resort.

Students out for summer

As schools, colleges and universities break up for summer, there's all sorts planned. Catching up with Love Island might keep you busy. For some, a fun-packed holiday abroad is on the cards.  

But many students will start a new job. Summer is an ideal time to gain new skills—and earn some cash!

There's usually a summer job to suit everyone. You could be volunteering overseas or working in residential summer camps, outdoor centres, festivals or holiday parks.

Wherever you end up, it's worth being aware of the law and how it can help you.

Spotlight on legal problems overseas

Holidays are a big deal in Britain.

Millions of us travel abroad each year, and recent findings from travel association ABTA reveal an increase in the number of people planning to spend more on their holidays in 2015.

When preparing to head overseas most of us think about enjoying the sunshine, maybe relaxing on sandy beaches and generally having an amazing time.  However every year the experience for some British nationals is very different as they get caught out by local laws.