See you in court?

The number of court cases in England and Wales is high—and rising.

Our family courts alone dealt with almost 60,000 cases in the second quarter of 2015, up 4 per cent from a year earlier, according to the Ministry of Justice. That's almost 1,000 cases per working day.


No minimum age for legal problems

Moving up a year at school, starting college or leaving education to start work—autumn is a time of new beginnings for the young.

For most, these are exciting times, studded with new challenges and opportunities.

But young people can experience legal problems just as serious as those of adults. When you're young, understanding your rights and figuring out where you stand if something goes wrong can be especially confusing. Knowing what to do next is often the hardest thing of all. 

Young people

Spotlight on legal problems overseas

Holidays are a big deal in Britain.

Millions of us travel abroad each year, and recent findings from travel association ABTA reveal an increase in the number of people planning to spend more on their holidays in 2015.

When preparing to head overseas most of us think about enjoying the sunshine, maybe relaxing on sandy beaches and generally having an amazing time.  However every year the experience for some British nationals is very different as they get caught out by local laws.


How to find a barrister: new Direct Access portal opens

There are over 15,000 barristers practising law in England and Wales.

Barristers provide specialist advice and representation in legal disputes, including representing their clients in court cases.

Often, if you have instructed a solicitor or another type of lawyer, they will find and appoint a suitable barrister for you.

However, nowadays you can also approach many barristers directly to get help without needing to go through another lawyer first. This is known a 'Public Access', or 'Direct Access'.


Carers and legal problems

How many carers do you know?

There are 6.5 million carers in the UK, so chances are you know someone who is one, or you may be one yourself.

8 - 14 June is National Carer's Week, and an opportunity to highlight the daily challenges carers can face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities.


Changes to personal injury advertising

Ever heard the old saying that there's no such thing as a free lunch?

A recent change in the law means that this is now the same in the world of personal injury claims.  

Often when we're offered something for free there's a catch that comes with it, or something that we have to do first.

You might have heard adverts in the past promising people a free iPad or cash for signing up with a company to take forward a personal injury claim if you suffered an accident that wasn't your fault.

CILEx Regulation

What's in a name?

It's important to know who your lawyer is regulated by so that you can check they are genuine.

You also know that if anything goes wrong there are protections in place that regulation provides.

On 23 March 2015 there was an official change of name by one of the regulators that contributes to this website: ILEX Professional Standards (IPS) changed its name to CILEx Regulation.

CILEx Regulation

Protecting ideas

Ever fancied yourself as an inventor?

Maybe you see solutions to problems that other people haven't thought about. Or there are inventions that you think would change people's lives for the better.

British Science Week runs from 13th to 22nd March and celebrates the worlds of science, technology and engineering. It's a great time to find out more about inventions and the ways that new ideas in those fields changed the world we live in today.

Intellectual property
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