More lawyers, more choices

More choice of lawyers...

There's been a change in the way that Chartered Legal Executives can provide legal services that offers more choice to people needing help with a legal problem.

The law says that some types of legal work can only be dealt with by people who have special permission to carry out the work. This is known as "reserved" legal work. 

Legal regulators

Legal advice online

These days there are lots of things we can do on the internet to make life a bit easier.

Whether it's ordering next week's food shopping or booking a train ticket, sometimes the internet can be quick and convenient to get things done. For some of life's bigger decisions the internet can also help us to start the journey, by helping us to gather information, think about our options, and talk to people about the way forward.

Why money laundering checks are important

Ever heard the phrase "money talks"?

Imagine if it actually did. The next time you paid cash for something and got your change, the coins could tell you about the thousands of people that used it before you. You'd hear good stories but also a few bad ones too.

Obviously coins can't talk, but there are still times when we need to know where money has been and how the person with that money got hold of it. 

Money laundering

Check your lawyer…

Barker and Lowe Legal Recoveries - sounds like a real legal firm - but is it?

A Payday lender was recently ordered to pay £2.6 million in compensation.

The company had been sending letters to customers who had fallen behind with their repayments. The letters threatened to take legal action against customers and charges were added to customers' accounts for the cost of sending the letters.

The letters appeared to have been sent by law firms, for example Barker and Lowe Legal Recoveries. However, the law firms did not really exist.


Legal protection for ideas

Speaking of good ideas... the law is on your side if you protect your ideas or inventions.

Intellectual property rights can be protected properly - there's lots of information about this on the Legal Choices Ideas page.

However even if you have got intellectual property rights you can still be the target of scams or misleading advertising.

These could include being contacted by companies advertising services to help you renew your rights, to list you in a publication, or to help you have a trade mark overseas.

Patent and Trademark Attorneys