How you are protected if you use a Licensed Conveyancer

Safety nets are a good thing.

Just ask any circus acrobat, or a dare-devil walking a tightrope. 

However safety nets can also crop up in every day life through laws and regulations that aim to keep us protected if something goes wrong.

In the legal world one of the ways that people can be protected when they use a legal service are through compensation funds managed by legal regulators.


What to do if you're not sure if the person you're dealing with is a barrister

As the regulator of barristers in England and Wales, it is the job of the Bar Standards Board to handle complaints against members of the Bar and take disciplinary action if appropriate. However, sometimes they learn of people who are deliberately pretending to be barristers when they are not – an act which is a serious criminal offence.


Legal histories

747 years in the making

A year is a pretty long time. When it gets to the end of the year it can be hard to recall what things looked like 12 months ago.

Imagine though looking back over 747 years. That would be a lot of history by anyone's standards.

747 years ago King Henry III was on the throne, and a furious civil war in England was coming to an end.

It was also the year that some of the oldest laws still in force today in England were passed, as part of the Statute of Marlborough.

More lawyers, more choices

More choice of lawyers...

There's been a change in the way that Chartered Legal Executives can provide legal services that offers more choice to people needing help with a legal problem.

The law says that some types of legal work can only be dealt with by people who have special permission to carry out the work. This is known as "reserved" legal work. 

Legal regulators

Legal advice online

These days there are lots of things we can do on the internet to make life a bit easier.

Whether it's ordering next week's food shopping or booking a train ticket, sometimes the internet can be quick and convenient to get things done. For some of life's bigger decisions the internet can also help us to start the journey, by helping us to gather information, think about our options, and talk to people about the way forward.

Why money laundering checks are important

Ever heard the phrase "money talks"?

Imagine if it actually did. The next time you paid cash for something and got your change, the coins could tell you about the thousands of people that used it before you. You'd hear good stories but also a few bad ones too.

Obviously coins can't talk, but there are still times when we need to know where money has been and how the person with that money got hold of it. 

Money laundering