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Springtime definitely has a few ways of letting us know when it's arrived.

For some of us it might be the flowers popping up out of the ground or the trees being full of blossom and new leaves.

For others it might be smelling your neighbour's first barbecue of the year. Or maybe seeing all the joggers hitting the streets trying to get fit...

Whatever signs you look for, spring is also the season when many of us begin moving forwards with things coming up in our lives in the year ahead.

Legal issues

Are you a goldfish owner?

If you are you might recognise the excitement of buying your new pet from the local pet store, and then getting it home and into your fish tank. You may even have watched proudly as it swam off to explore its new home.

However - what if when you checked the tank the next day you found your new fish floating lifelessly on top of the water? Chances are you might go back to the store to get a refund or a replacement fish. 

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Love is all around us.

Especially at this time of year. February is of course the most romantic month of the year when St. Valentines day comes around, and the shops fill up with chocolates, flowers and teddy bears.   

There are various theories about who St. Valentine actually was. These days though his name has become associated with a time for people to share gifts and send cards expressing their love and admiration.

What are you having for tea tonight?

Whether you've got a three-course banquet planned, fish and chips, or just a couple of lettuce leaves - any food you eat tonight comes from a regulated industry. 

This means that regulators are working behind the scenes to make sure the businesses that make and supply your food are doing the right thing - and not putting you unfairly at risk.

Did you use your bank card today to pay for something? That's a financial service that is regulated.

Did you go past a chemist shop? That's regulated.

A bookmakers?  Regulated.