Don’t think your small business would gain from legal advice? Think again.

Legal advice can help your company to flourish. From the first day your business opens to when it's ready to take on new markets, any business can use legal advice.

Here’s how a legal adviser can help your business to flourish.

Get on top of business tax

Grasping which types of business tax apply to your company can be tricky.

Some types of tax will apply to your business and some types won’t.

It's vital to know which types of tax apply to your business by law and which are optional.

Using a legal adviser is one way to feel confident that you have the right tax arrangements in place to flourish.

Keep your employees happy

It’s a given that your business will hire new staff when it’s growing.

This means it’s vital that you know employment law to make sure your employees are happy for the time they are working for you.

A good contract will make sure your business can thrive with staff that feel satisfied with their workplace.

From annual leave to pension schemes, you need to make sure your employment contracts are clear.

A legal adviser can help you get the contracts right before you start to hire new staff.

Develop a strong shareholder agreement

With everything you need to do to start a business, a shareholder agreement won't cross your mind. But it should.

If your business is planning to accrue, an agreement with your share certificate holders is key.

A shareholder agreement can protect your business from the unexpected. With a shareholder agreement in place, your business will have a way to tackle a legal issue.

This means your business can continue to grow without holding out for shareholders.

Make sure your shareholder agreement can stand the test of time. Using a legal adviser before you draw up an agreement can help.

Getting legal advice at the right time can help your business thrive, but you can’t rely on legal advice alone. You also need to know how the business market works.

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