People use legal services at crucial times in their lives. As well as value for money, good customer service is important.

Finding out if you will have a good experience can be hard. The quality of the service offered by different providers can vary a lot – from very good to poor. Recommendations alone are unlikely to give you the full picture.

Online reviews can help new customers. If more people leave reviews, everyone gets a better picture of legal services providers. This helps customers choose providers who consistently deliver good service.

Legal Choices encourages people to leave reviews on comparison or review sites.

Leaving a helpful review

People want to know about the customer service you received and if you would be happy to use a provider again.

Don’t worry if you can’t review the legal work. Customer service is also what people want to hear about. Having used a provider, you are qualified to comment on it.

It’s helpful to think about these questions when writing a review:

  • Did they seem interested in your case?
  • Did you feel listened to?
  • Did they give you the right information and advice in a simple way?
  • Were they easy to contact?
  • Were you kept informed?
  • Were documents accurate and well written?
  • Would you recommend them to a friend?

It’s important that you leave a fair and honest review. Just like any business, law firms can take action against you if you say something which is untrue publicly.

When a legal services provider does not like a review

No one likes to find out that a customer isn’t happy with their service and that potential customers are reading about it. Review sites let legal services providers respond to complaints with their point of view.

However, no one should pressure you to remove a review. If you feel that a legal services provider is pressuring you to remove a review, you can tell the review site and contact the firm’s regulator.