‘Emigrating’ means leaving your home country for good.

By law, you may need a visa or permission of another kind to settle in a new country. You might also have legal matters to deal with in your home country before you leave. Pensions or benefits come to mind.


What things do I need to sort out?

The UK government has up-to-date help for people leaving the country for good.

Each country has laws about people arriving to live there for good. The embassy of the country you want to move to should be able to help you understand them.

Foreign embassies in the UK.


Do I need a lawyer?

The country you want to move to has laws for people who want to move there for good. And you will need to follow them. That’s why some people get help from an experienced lawyer or adviser.

Use the internet to search for sources of help.

If you are thinking of talking to a lawyer in England and Wales, see our gateway to registers of legal professionals.