Ever fancied yourself as an inventor?

Maybe you see solutions to problems that other people haven't thought about. Or there are inventions that you think would change people's lives for the better.

British Science Week runs from 13th to 22nd March and celebrates the worlds of science, technology and engineering. It's a great time to find out more about inventions and the ways that new ideas in those fields changed the world we live in today.

There is a legal side to all of this, as sometimes ideas and inventions can be legally protected as someone's intellectual property. This helps prevent them from being copied or used without permission.

Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys are lawyers that specialise in these types of protections. You can get the facts about them and the services they can provide from the Intellectual Property Regulation Board's website.

And to mark British Science Week have a go at Legal Choices' latest quiz, which takes a look at the world of patents and trade marks and some of the more unusual inventions in history. It only takes a minute.