According to a recent poll of ours, two-thirds of Legal Choices visitors don't have a will at all.

Here at Legal Choices we want everyone to know how important it is to make a will. It's fairly simple to get sorted, there's lots of advice out there to help - take a look at our I want to make a will page for example.

If someone dies without a will it can lead to problems for their family and friends to sort things out.

To try and make things easier the Government has bought in changes to speed up the process for dividing money and property of someone who dies without a will. These include:

  • new rules meaning that if someone who is childless dies without a will their whole estate passes to their spouse, and
  • simpler rules for working out the split of an estate between a spouse and children (including adopted children) when someone dies without a will.

You can read more about these changes on the Government's website.

However the easiest way to avoid problems here is... get a will!!