You could use a regulated lawyer such as a solicitor, barrister or legal executive.

You might need advice about money or your home. If you have children, there is more to think about. Who will your children live with? How much contact can you have? See Three things to know if you're a parent thinking about divorce.

You can use a mediator to help you and your ex-partner agree about your money, belongings and children. It's usually cheaper and quicker than a court case. To find out about lawyers who could help you, see our types of lawyers page. To help you keep on top of costs, see our legal costs page.

Not sure if you need a divorce lawyer?

More than 40 per cent of all marriages now end in divorce, reports the Office for National Statistics. But one in ten divorcees said the right help could have saved their relationship, according to research by Relate. If you're not sure you want a divorce, it might be worth getting help with your relationship and finding out who can help you.

You can visit charities such as Relate and talk to a relationship counsellor who can offer free help and advice.