Trading law basics

Finding out about the legal requirements of trading can help you stay within the law.

You may need information on trading law if you are:

  • Starting a business
  • Changing the services, you provide or the goods you sell
  • Changing the countries you trade with
  • Involved in a sector that has specific trading rules and regulations
  • Are having problems with late or non-payment
  • Are involved in a dispute relating to the sale or purchase of goods or services
  • Want to legally protect an idea or name.

Trading issues and the law

Below you will find links to free information about some of the most common trading issues:


Rights and restrictions


Trading law – what you can and can’t do


Goods or services not as described


Sector-specific regulations

  • Regulation – A guide from the Government to business regulations and licences.


Trademarks and copyright


Contracts for sale or rental of goods or services

Payment or trading disputes


Late or non-payment

Debt collection


Trading disputes



Overseas trading

International trade


Trading advisors


As a small business owner, you may need advice on trading. Many types of people can give this advice. These include:

For a list of questions to ask before you get legal advice,visit our provider checklist.