How we manage information you may send us

From time to time we may provide opportunities for people to register some contact details with us.

For example the website includes details for contacting the legal regulators. Surveys may also be available on the website that may request users taking part in them to provide some demographic information.

This information is always just for our records and is stored securely. Upon request we will arrange for any information provided to us by an individual user to be disposed of securely and removed entirely from our databases.

We will never share any information you may provide to us, such as names, contact details and email addresses, with any other third party.

You can find more information on this on our terms and conditions of use page.

How we may use cookies

Cookies are small text files stored by your computer when you visit a website.

The law about cookies changed in May 2011. This means that websites using certain types of cookie must get your agreement before they set them on your computer or handheld device.

We use cookies to remember you when you revisit the Legal Choices website, or to help work out which surveys and polls you have already taken part in. We do not use cookies to identify you for other purposes without your consent.

Action we may take regarding IP addresses

'IP' stands for Internet Protocol, and it means a number that is unique to your computer or device when you use the internet. We may log IP addresses of users' computers for administration purposes.

We may disclose information about IP addresses to a third party if:

  • we are required or permitted to do so by law, any court any relevant regulatory body, or any Government or law enforcement agency;
  • it is required to do so in connection with legal proceedings or potential legal proceedings.

Social media

We may provide different ways for people to use the Legal Choices website, such as through Facebook and any other social media websites we may link to in the future.

When you use these websites or any other social media websites they may choose to set cookies on your internet browser. We do not control their use of cookies or information you may provide to them, and if you have concerns you should read their own privacy statements.