Whether you are running a business from home, or own or rent a commercial property, understanding a bit about premises and property law can be useful.

Premises and property basics

Finding out about the legal requirements of providing goods or services from a property can mean you aren’t caught out by unexpected issues. You may need information on premises or property if you are:

  • Starting a business
  • Closing or selling a business
  • Moving premises
  • Opening up a new branch
  • Moving from renting to buying
  • Changing the services you provide or the goods you sell
  • Seeking new types of insurance for your business

Premises and property legal issues

Below are links to free online information about some of the most common commercial property law issues.

Business premises and the law

Choosing your business premises

Choosing the right premises for your business – Government advice on choosing the right place for your business.

Getting insurance

Insuring your business equipment, goods and premises – Association of British Insurers on commercial property insurance.

Insurance for home businesses - Startups.co.uk guide to insurance for businesses based in your home.

Working from home

Starting or running a business from home – Government guide to basing your business in your home.

Health and safety

Health and safety made simple – the Health and Safety Executive on providing the right workplace facilities.

Health and safety: your premises – Government resources on specific health and safety issues; including asbestos regulations, fire safety and workplace temperatures.

Health and safety and SMEs – Health and Safety Executive's guide to health and safety at work.

Buying, renting and changing

Buying a property and conveyancing

Buying a business premises - Business Gateway guide to purchasing a commercial property.

Guide to conveyancing - Which? guide on the basic facts to bear in mind.

Looking for a commercial mortgage - A Money Supermarket guide on securing a commercial mortgage.

Valuing a property – Startups guide to the different values a property may have. Also read our

Also read our Commercial property advisers section.

Renting or leasing

Renting a business property: your responsibilities – Government guidance on renting a business property.

Renting business premises - Landlordzone guide to renting a commercial premises.

Installing CCTV on a premises – legal requirements

Using CCTV to protect your premises – Government guide on legal requirements.

Building or extending your premises – planning permission

Planning permission: when you need it and how to get it – Government factsheet on the planning application process.

Changing the class of a property so it can be used commercially

Change of use – Government guidance on being able to run your business from a premises.


Rates for commercial premises

Understanding business rates – Government guide to business rates.

Business rate relief – Government guide to reduced rates for small businesses.

Commercial property advisers

As a small business owner, you may decide to take advice on commercial property issues. There are many different types of people who can give this advice. These include:

For a list of questions to ask a legal services provider before you take legal advice, visit our provider checklist.


Last reviewed: 8 January 2019