April was National Pet Month - a chance to celebrate life with pets. Most pet owners will do anything for their pets, whatever the time of year. Some even leave millions behind for their animal friends. Sadly, other pet owners fail to meet even the basic needs of their pets required by law.

Three ways owning a pet could bring you into contact with the law

1. Leaving a gift for your pet in your will

You can leave something for your pet in your will. You may also want to leave money for the person who will look after your pet when you're not around. A will writer could help you with this.

2. Pet pre-nup

You can get a pet pre-nup. A pet pre-nup (or ‘pet-nup') legally documents who will have your pet if you and your partner split up. A family lawyer could help you write a pet-nup.

3. Breaking the law

From micro-chipping to buying a pet, there are many laws that apply to pets and pet owners. For example, as a dog owner, you need to make sure your dog is under control. If your dog bites and injures someone, you could be fined and sent to prison for up to six months.

Legal advice

If you want legal advice about your pet, see our types of lawyers section. You can also find out about the court process, if you need to go to court.

Over to you!

We want to hear from you. Have you ever had a run-in with the law because of your pet? Did you get legal advice? Share your experiences by leaving a comment.


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