Legal services offered

You need to find a provider that offers the kind of service you need. You can find out more about legal services offered by different providers on the regulator’s register.

Don’t forget

When choosing a provider that offers the legal services you need, you could also ask them about:

  • their staff and their qualifications
  • if one person or lots of people will do the work
  • the firm’s usual clients
  • accreditations held by staff or the firm
  • how they contact customers, keep them informed and how often
  • opening hours
  • office accessibility
  • hearing loop
  • languages spoken
  • car parking
  • home visits
  • out of hours contact.

Location and access

If meeting in person is important to you, you will need to know how easy it is to travel to their office.

Some legal services providers may be able to visit you, depending on your situation. If you need a home visit, you will need to find out if they can travel to you.

Legal costs

Read our information about legal costs.

First meeting

Some legal services providers offer a first meeting free of charge. Others charge a fixed fee. The first meeting might be in person or over the phone.

Before the first meeting, make sure you know if the meeting is free. If it isn’t free, ask how much it will cost. Also find out how long the meeting will be and make a note of the questions you plan to ask. Things you could ask about include:

  • costs
  • timescales
  • who will do your work
  • the kind of documents you might need to look at
  • the likely outcome.