Springtime definitely has a few ways of letting us know when it's arrived.

For some of us it might be the flowers popping up out of the ground or the trees being full of blossom and new leaves.

For others it might be smelling your neighbour's first barbecue of the year. Or maybe seeing all the joggers hitting the streets trying to get fit...

Whatever signs you look for, spring is also the season when many of us begin moving forwards with things coming up in our lives in the year ahead.

One of these is definitely moving house. According to the Homeowners Alliance spring is the best season to get your house on the market if you're looking to sell.

With a lot of life's big events there are legal issues to be taken care of, and often this will involve talking to a lawyer and getting the facts.

Whatever's coming up in your world this year it pays to be aware of your legal choices. Take a look at our Housing pages to find out some of the facts we think are good to know if you're looking to get moving this year.

And if you're one of those joggers - Legal Choices thinks that 1980's style sweatbands are very in this year...


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