Whether you've got a three-course banquet planned, fish and chips, or just a couple of lettuce leaves - any food you eat tonight comes from a regulated industry. 

This means that regulators are working behind the scenes to make sure the businesses that make and supply your food are doing the right thing - and not putting you unfairly at risk.

Did you use your bank card today to pay for something? That's a financial service that is regulated.

Did you go past a chemist shop? That's regulated.

A bookmakers?  Regulated.

How about turning the tap on  to fill the kettle? That water you drank came from a regulated industry.

You get the picture.

There are regulators all around us. It's no different in the legal services world.

In fact, this website you are looking at right now is provided by legal regulators. They are the watchdogs working behind the scenes to keep you well protected every time you use a legal service.

Legal issues come in all different shapes and sizes, so there are different lawyers that can help you depending on the situation at hand. For that reason there are also different regulators that keep an eye on those lawyers. However they all have one common goal -  which is to keep people safe when they use legal services.

Have a read about the different legal regulators on our types of lawyers page and find out more about what they do, including the ways that you are kept safe. It might be handy information to know the next time you use a lawyer.

Oh and enjoy your tea tonight - Legal Choices is having omelettes.