Three things to know if you're a parent

We all hope our relationships will last, but sometimes they don't.

Ending a relationship can be hard. And it will be harder if you have children.

Who will look after them? How much contact will you have with them?

When you get divorced

1. You can have contact with your child

As a parent, you can have contact with your child—as long as it's the best thing for them. Try to agree with your partner and child how much contact you have and when you spend time together.

2. You can agree with your partner about where your child is going to live

You could ask your child where they want to live and how much time they want to spend with each of you. You and your partner might agree to your child's wishes. Or you might agree to handle things another way in your child's best interests.

3. You can get help to reach agreement

If you and your partner can't agree where your child is going to live, think about seeing a mediator. A mediator could help you avoid going to court, and save you time and money. Mediation alone is sometimes enough to resolve a dispute. Or mediation can cut down the time you need to spend in court.

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