If you have a legal problem there are different people who can help you. Some of these are regulated lawyers, like solicitors or chartered legal executives.

Other people, such as paralegals, may call themselves a lawyer without being regulated by an approved regulator of legal services. They might instead be part of a membership organisation and be self-regulated.

There are some legal services which non-regulated lawyers cannot provide unless they are supervised and work in a firm regulated by an approved regulator. They can help you with various other services, including writing your will, going to court with you to support you or giving you general legal advice.

Some may offer free advice and support while others may charge a fee. Their level of skills and experience may vary. There are different factors to keep in mind to help you decide where to go.

We have the key facts about lawyers who do not need to be regulated: find out what they can do, how to find one and how you may be protected in case something goes wrong: