The truth about holiday sickness claims

Holiday sickness is in the news again, with more than 9 million Brits having been chased by claims management companies to make holiday sickness claims, ABTA reports. 

Most holiday sickness claims are for around £2,000. But before you make a claim, get the facts. 

1: Don't make a fake claim

Many holiday makers who make false claims say they got food poisoning at their hotel or resort.


CILEx Regulation needs your views

CILEx Regulation needs consumers' views, so it can design regulation which improves the way legal services are delivered to best meet consumers' needs. They are really keen for consumers to be involved.  If you are willing to be contacted a few times a year, with the option to opt out at any time, to answer some quick and simple surveys, please contact CILEx Regulation is offering a Thank You for taking part in its surveys during 2018.

Divorce Day

One in ten divorcees feel the right help could have saved their marriage

Divorce enquiries at law firms traditionally surge on the first working Monday of the New Year—so much so that it has become known as Divorce Day.

More than 40 per cent of all marriages now end in divorce, reports the Office for National Statistics. And one in five married couples start thinking about separating during the post-Christmas period, according to research from leading law firm Irwin Mitchell.


Three facts about Brexit that EU citizens should know

There are 3 million EU nationals living in the UK. About 1.2 million UK nationals live abroad in other EU countries.

In June 2016, more British people voted to leave the EU than to remain part of it. This has become known as Brexit.

The expected leaving date is 29 March 2019, but the process to leave has already begun. At present the UK is still part of the EU.

Three things you should know if you're an EU citizen living in the UK

1. EU laws are in force in the UK for as long as it's part of the EU.


Three ways owning a pet could bring you into contact with the law

April is National Pet Month - a chance to celebrate life with pets. Most pet owners will do anything for their pets, whatever the time of year. Some even leave millions behind for their animal friends. Sadly, other pet owners fail to meet even the basic needs of their pets required by law.

1. Leaving a gift for your pet in your will


The legal driving seat

How to stay on track

Driving laws help keep you and others safe. Some driving offences won't land you in court, but others will.

New driving laws came into force in March. Every driver should know about them.

Three facts about the legal driving seat

1. Using your mobile phone

It is against the law to use a handheld mobile phone while you drive. If you get caught, you will incur six penalty points and pay a £200 fine. New drivers will lose their licence.


Are your parents getting divorced?

Three helpful things to know

 Seeing your parents argue can be upsetting. And it's worse if they are going through a divorce. Who will look after you? Who can you have contact with?

When your parents get a divorce

1. You can see each of your parents
You can have contact with both your parents, as long as it's the best thing for you. The amount of contact time you have with each parent needs to be agreed.

Family law

Thinking about getting divorced?

Three things to know if you're a parent

We all hope our relationships will last, but sometimes they don't.

Ending a relationship can be hard. And it will be harder if you have children.

Who will look after them? How much contact will you have with them?

When you get divorced

1. You can have contact with your child

As a parent, you can have contact with your child—as long as it's the best thing for them. Try to agree with your partner and child how much contact you have and when you spend time together.

Family law

Domestic abuse

From radio to real life

Radio shows like 'The Archers' shine the spotlight on domestic abuse. But do you know what to do if you see it or experience it in real life?

One in four women in England and Wales are victims of domestic violence, a recent study found. And men and children also suffer.

What is domestic violence and abuse?

Domestic abuse takes place between people who are, or have been, intimate partners or family members. Differences in social background, sexuality or ethnicity do not explain it.

Domestic Abuse